10 Best Poppers You Can Legally Buy Online – US, UK, EU, AUS

Poppers occupy an annoying legal grey area where they’re sort-of legal in certain countries if you call them “leather cleaner” or “nail polish remover” or whatever.

As a gay man who just wants to get fucked, it’s all very tiring.

If you want to buy a high-quality poppers like Jungle Juice Gold without fuss, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best poppers you can buy online!

Top 10 Poppers To Use (Best Poppers Brands)

Please note that some of these poppers (alkyl nitrites) might not ship to your country – we talk about poppers websites specific to your country near the end of this article.

Jungle Juice Gold Label - Best overall poppers

Type: Amyl Nitrite

When it comes to poppers brands, Jungle Juice is one of the names you’re going to hear over and over again. Synonymous with taking a good dick, JJ Gold Label is quite possibly the brand’s best poppers bottle to date.

A nice euphoria and a heavy wave of relaxation washes over your body – perfect for having the best gay sex. The only downside to JJ Gold Label? The smell is awful. I’m fine with chemically smells, but it smells like straight-up shoe polish. Not a sexy aroma.

Poppers (alkyl nitrites) are vasodilators that release nitric oxide into the body, relaxing the body’s “smooth muscles” in the blood vessels. This includes the smooth muscles in the anus, making it easier to put a penis up there and enjoy it.

Blue Boy Poppers - Best poppers for beginners

Type: Isopropyl Nitrite

A very popular poppers drug for beginners, Blue Boy is a relatively low-strength formula that doesn’t give you a headache when you use it. Sold euphemistically as “liquid incense”, this is also one of the cheapest poppers brands you can buy, especially in the US and Europe. Great for first-timers getting acquainted!

Jungle Juice Black Label - Few side effects

Type: Pentyl Nitrite

This company has made a few entries on this list, which should be no surprise given their top-quality products sold around the world. Black Label is their Pentyl Nitrite offering, offering a very strong aroma with a good rush and few side effects.

If you’re looking to buy poppers online, JJ Black Label is available in the US, EU, UK, and Australia. Of course, it’s called “leather cleaner”, but we all know what it’s being used for.

Amsterdam Original Poppers - Best for Intermediate Users

Type: Isopropyl Nitrite

Amsterdam Original has been sold all around the world since the 1990s, where it became a staple of the gay scene in many parts of Europe and the UK. Great for increasing heart rate and making you feel horny, this formula has very side effects in my experience.

Like many of its competitors, Amsterdam Original smells like nail polish remover. It’s not the sexiest smell in the world, but it doesn’t offend my nose either! A great choice for beginners and intermediate poppers users.

You’ve gotta love the Dutch. Weed, poppers, and lovely canals. Heaven.

Jungle Juice Platinum - Long-lasting euphoria

Type: Isopropyl Nitrite

Great for a fast high that mellows out to a nice longlasting euphoria, JJ Platinum is one of the most sought after poppers brands in the world. Yep, this little glass bottle has the potential to make anal sex not only easier, but much more pleasurable and euphoric too. The smell is also a little nicer than the Gold Label in my opinion.

Everest Premium - Best for popperbating

Type: Amyl Nitrite

When it comes to popperbating, there’s nothing better than a little glass bottle of Everest Premium for me. 95% pure amyl nitrite, these are some of the strongest poppers you’re going to find. The downside? They’re hard to find outside Europe and once again the smell isn’t amazing.

Popperbating is when you use poppers during masturbation to intensify the experience. Some gay porn sites have “popperbate” videos which show you porn interspersed with messages saying “sniff your poppers now” or “sniff for 5 seconds”, for example.

Locker Room Original - Pleasant aroma

Type: Pentyl Nitrite

One of the few rare “Pentyl Nitrites” you’ll find when you buy poppers online, Locker Room Original has a distinctive and quite pleasant smell as poppers go. The blend is very popular in the US and Australia, though it’s available in much of Europe too.

A medium-strength popper, Locker Room Original is quite a good all-rounder for any horny occasion.

Amyl - Ultra-strong formula

Type: Amyl Nitrite

Hard to get outside of Europe, Amyl is a simply-named poppers brand made from – you guessed it – Amyl Nitrite. About as pure and ultra-strong as amyl gets, this brand is known for creating intense euphoria and relaxation that makes anal sex as easy as pie.

Amyl is a common favorite of sex shops and leather dungeons, with the dangerous-feeling bottle helping to raise heart rates and get your body going in just the right way.

The first time I tried Amyl, I was terrified. The bottle is very intimidating. It looks like something straight out of Chernobyl.

Rush Poppers - Poppers made in the USA

Type: Isopropyl Nitrate

Rush is said to be the #1 most popular poppers brand in the world, especially in the US, where these fine little bottles of fun are made. Around for over 40+ years, this stuff has certainly put its time in with the gay community, from the ’70s disco scene through to the raves of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

If you’re looking for a classic poppers brand, look no further than rush!

Rush poppers are very popular on the subreddit r/PopperPigs, an online forum where enthusiasts discuss their favorite poppers and share (NSFW) pictures and memes about them.

Crypt Tonight - Those who prefer Isobutyl

Type: Isobutyl Nitrite

A lot of guys like the smell and sensations of pleasure derived from Isopropyl Nitrite poppers, but they’re worried because excessive isopropyl nitrite use has been linked to vision problems known as poppers maculopathy in (very few) individuals.

Instead, why not try a good Isobutyl Nitrite like Crypt Tonight? (That’s iso-butyl, not iso-propyl). It’s nice to know that you can get your rocks off without the underlying worry of needing an optometrist appointment after.

It took me 2 proofreads of this article to realize that “Crypt Tonight” is meant to sound like “Kryptonite”. Christ I’m slow.

Are Poppers Legal?

Poppers are legal in many countries, but only if sold as non-sexual products like “leather cleaner”, “room odorizer”, “VHS cleaner” or “nail polish remover”.

You can currently buy poppers in the UK, USA, and many parts of Europe. Usually, they cannot be advertised as designed for human consumption.

However, poppers are illegal in Australia and Canada due to some recently-passed draconian laws classing them as dangerous drugs. Frankly, it was a stupid law that many LGBTQ organizations opposed.

If you buy poppers online and you’re from Australia, you do so at your own risk!

When the UK parliament was considering banning the sale of poppers in 2016, openly gay MP Crispin Blunt famously said he used poppers in Parliament, influencing the vote and helping to keep them legal in the UK.

How to Use Poppers

Most of the time, people sniff poppers directly from above the little glass bottle. It’s good to leave a gap of around 1-2 inches between your nostrils and the bottle, especially if it’s a strong formula.

Some people cover one of their nostrils and inhale through the other. Other people just hold the poppers under their noise and sniff with both nostrils.

Poppers normally come in a small glass bottle with a medical-style cap that “pops” off. This might be where their name comes from, but this is disputed.

Where to Buy Poppers Online (Best Sites)

If you’re looking for where to buy poppers online, look no further!


Poppers-Aromas is a popular poppers website based in France. It serves much of the EU, including the UK, and is generally considered a very good retailer. They include detailed information on the strength, aroma, and composition of their products. They also display customer reviews so you can make an informed decision on the best poppers for you! Visit Site

Poppers4U.com – Best For USA

Poppers 4 U is an American company specializing in poppers brands like Rush, which is especially popular with gay men in the US. Poppers4U also do wholesale orders for sex shops who want to stock certain brands for sale.

AmylNitrate.com.au – Best for Australia

AmylNitrate is an Australian website selling poppers (they’re called Amyl in Australia) to Australians and beyond. The sale of these drugs is technically illegal in Australia, so beware that you could run into trouble here.

Sex Shops

If these drugs are legal (or you know… semi-legal) in your country, you can always go into a sex shop and ask them about their poppers.

Generally speaking, you want to visit a high-quality gay sex shop that has a wide selection of poppers and knowledgeable staff. My local gay sex shop is very good at recommending different types of poppers if you ask them.

So What are the Best Poppers?

In conclusion, I would say that Jungle Juice Gold Label are the best poppers, followed closely by Blue Boy and Amyl.

Despite the not-amazing smell, the Gold Label produces a strong sense of euphoria and long-lasting relaxation that I’ve not experienced with other brands yet on the same level.

Nonetheless, everyone’s preferences are different, so be sure to try different brands of poppers are see which ones are right for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide to the best poppers!

Stay safe, have fun, and pop till you drop! (…not literally)

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